About Us

Integrated Business Associates (IBA) was incubated in the heart of Mr. James Bovas at the early stages of his professional career. He is elated to mention that his Soul mate, Wife and Partner - Sheena always felt that there was something more that can be done with the rapport and relation he shared in the market, this helped him to realize the opportunities and this thought later took the shape of IBA.

During his post graduation in Business Management, he started his career with a sound engineering company later moving on to pharmaceuticals. Gaining ample experience in dealing with various companies during his early years as an employee gave him the confidence to move on to the next level, and he chose consulting as profession. Currently he's offering his services as a consultant to various companies in India from past 8 yrs. He has been successful in drawing Marketing Plans & Strategies, Product Development, Administration & Management Policies, Company Policies, Intra-Inter Policies for the companies.

The man behind major decisions has helped the companies achieve the goal set and to reach success and eminence with at most accuracy. His constant involvement with the board and management of leading companies has made him more familiar and apt to the business scenario and life cycle of any given business.

Apart from this, he has a creative feather as well of writing and composing songs. As a Music Composer he is actively involved in audio- video production of various Christian Devotional Albums, background scores for projects and creating jingles.

Mr. James Bovas - the Chief Consultant at IBA itself gives a boost to the co-working associates due to his clear vision & ability to lead from front. The man with his entrepreneurial spirit equipped by vast experience into various fields has become a boon for IBA.

But can you ever imagine the man with so much potential and skills was in fact rejected in his first ever interview, and the reason given by company was "he is interested in all the functional fields of a business rather than focusing on a particular field - While the company wanted somebody who could handle a particular area of work limiting to a field of choice". However with his content and optimistic attitude, as always, he is thankful for the rejection in his early life which enabled him to do what he had dreamed.

He believes that,

"Rejection in Life- Individual, Social, Spiritual, Professional- is not because you are not fit, but because the other person does not have a proper platform for you to fit in"